The soap

Beautiful all natural soaps handmade in Seattle.

Each of our nourishing soaps is made from oils of palm (sustainable), coconut, and olive. Essential oils are used to add rich and natural scents.

Our grey and black soaps contain activated charcoal, which is great for removing impurities, acne prevention and makeup removal.

All our soaps are gentle enough for daily use on both the face and body.

While we strive for perfection, inconsistencies with color, ash on the bottom of the bar, and small air bubbles are all a result of the handmade process and are perfectly normal.

THE Story

After 15 years (and counting) of touring the world, Davey Brozowski and Becca Zeller founded Ash Soap in 2014. The company is a product of the inspirations collected along the road, and the power of the little things, like scent, that can connect you to home.